Sunday, 25 October 2009

Time Schedule

Many of us out there are attempting to juggle NaNo with either school or a job.

No holidays in November!

Which can be stressful at times and make us as busy as hell. (Us being me.) And I know that when I'm sitting there working, I'd much rather be writing up the novel, which can lead me to daydream. And badness...

And then the bliss of the weekend comes...and goes. Only two days a week!

So for the other five days of the week, I've devised an ingenious schedule:


6.30- Probably wake up

7am- Start writing.

8am-4pm- The dreaded 'no-writing' time

6pm- Meal at the computer probably :S

8pm- Have multiple brain explosions.

And then up to exceedingly late hours writing and then falling asleep at the laptop. :)

I love sleep, though. Slight downside.

Of course, starting at 12am on November 1st is a priority!

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