Sunday, 25 October 2009


Wow. An internet nerd for years and this is only my FIRST blog!

In case you couldn't fathom it out from the title of this blog, I am taking part in NaNoWriMo 2009 for the first time ever!

But what is this NahNoeRiiMoe I hear you ask.

The aim is to complete a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.

Why do it?

Because hundreds of thousands of people all around this blue marble are also doing it, and the experience that it gives you will last for the rest of your life. Also, a great feeling of accomplishment. And a free paperback proof copy of your book if you win! Sound good?

Let me tell you a little about myself first...

I am David. I am a teen in Glasgow, Scotland and I enjoy the many things that life throws at me. I also like coffee.

My NaNo novel is Deep Six: Cerebral Tyranny and is based on the work of the fictional novelist 'Thom E. Gemcity'. Any NCIS fans will understand.

I am soopah excited about this years NaNo having took part in Script Frenzy this year with Spontaneous Equilibrium and won! (c'mon, I can get some bragging rights, can't I?!)

So there you have it. For the whole of November, you can follow the life and times and adventures of a coffee-addict and the many 4am falling-asleep-at-the-computer moments that other NaNoers can relate to. :)

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  1. I watch NCIS sometimes, although I much prefer the show 'Criminal Minds', which is what my novel is loosely based off of.
    And if I had known about Script Frenzy, I would definitely have done it this year.
    I did NaNoWrioMo last year, but I lost terribly. (Only about 8k)
    I'm uber excited about starting my novel and I have to constantly keep myself to start it and just start counting the words until November.
    I'm resisting, however.
    Glad to meet a fellow Nanoer!