Thursday, 19 November 2009

Day 15 - 19 AKA: Severe Blog Neglect Syndrome

Yes, I know and I apoligise for not updating in centuries (It feels like centuries to me!) But things have been hectic to say the least.

I have quite a few things to report:

First of all: That cosy little word blanket of 3,000 words ahead or so has now gone. I have had far too many (6 whole days!) of non-writing so far and now I am ahead by a mere 200. This weekend, the pace will be picked back up again!

In other news, I went to my first write in on Sunday! :D

It was fantabulous to meet other NaNo-ers in and around the city and I got some words done (1.5K in around 4 hours!) but it's difficult to resist chatting! So, hopefully I'll get to go to another before the month is over as I thoroughly enjoyed myself :D

Two or so more days of non-writing since my last blog update (Insert Sad Face) So I've proposed for no more! An end to this treachery!

Good News.

My plot is coming along a little slower than expected (I'm at 32K) and the main, main thing hasn't really happened yet. I cant't explain it on this, it's surprisingly difficult, but I hear you say- what the hell is your NaNo about anyway?

Here is the summary and an excerpt- enjoy!

Synopsis: Deep Six: Cerebral Tyranny

An adaptive work of the fictional novelist 'Thom E. Gemcity'

The team, dealing with their own personal dramas, are flung into the world of dangerous and addicting game that is plaguing the streets with its sheer brutality and fascination; what starts off as a curiosity, ends up as an addiction.
When the deaths of three psychotic and hallucinogenic 'players' occur in unusual and suspicious circumstances, and an internet post setting the date for a national 'gaming' day, can the team uncover this underground phenomenon before more lives are lost?

Excerpt: Deep Six: Cerebral Tyranny

He looked out onto the sight of the street unto which he called home. He seldom did this, even in his own home, the curtains always stayed shut. He awoke every day in the early hours and always precisely made it to work before the first light of dawn shone across the architectural beauty that was Washington D.C. The fine capital city of an even finer country. He returned home at dusk and as night was well on its way, and by then, there was no need for the curtains to be open. There was no light to be ‘let in’. So they remained shut. In place. Always.

As intriguing as it may sound, there was a simpler explanation. He was embarrassed. He looked out onto the neon light street, where gangs of young teenage boys were armed with weapons and sent out to fight battles that did not serve a purpose, where decent, intelligent women were stricken down by poverty and forced to roam these dangerous streets as whores. A feeling of disgust settled in on the man. There was no community here. Even while taking the short trip from the door of his block of apartments to his car parked outside, he felt a deep fear of being assaulted or attacked.

These things happened, he told himself, you just have to stay safe, maybe we’ll work on it from there, that pension of yours could probably get you some little four roomed box out there in Cancun.

This was not a home for anyone. This was a prison. Even the buildings, the stores, the mailboxes - everything was intimidating.


This is all I can think of Blogging so far, but stay tuned if I can remember any more! (Which isn't likely - I have the memory of a frying pan!)

But enough about me, how are you?

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