Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Days 9 and 10. Business and Fatigue

A mere 500 or so words done on Day 9

Absolutely none done at all on Day 10...




Nonetheless, It is Day 11 and things are right back on track. I've had no amount of spare time these last few days and have also been falling asleep at random times like 6pm, only to be woken up by confused and slightly concerned family members.

But at least the Week 2 Drag doesn't seem to be hitting me, at least, not yet...

But I am determined to power through today (11th Nov) and get at least 2,000 words.

I'm armed with my mug of coffee and my album bought from just arrived today 'Nile- Those Whom the Gods Detest'. Yay!

I will return soon with hopefull good new and hopefully a higher word count!

Still at 20,600 at the mo'- Let's see those numbers climb!

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