Sunday, 8 November 2009

Day Eight: Coffee and Extreme Revenge

Okay, this day couldn't have gone any better for a few reasons.

1. I just passed 20K

2. I wrote almost 5K today- which for me, is A LOT!

and 3. I just surpassed the word count of a friend who recently told me

'You Seriously think you can still beat me!?'

Heh, heh. Revenge is sweet,

And okay. Today. I rocked that keyboard.

Feeling extremly awesome today.

I just killed another character today. Although it's okay, because he was so unimportant that I didn't even bother to give him a name. Although I suppose that his death does add to the plot quite a bit, but still. I apoligise 'Man in Suit' from Chapter 4!

Bring on Day 9!

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