Saturday, 7 November 2009

Day Six of Awesomeness!

Yes, I'm putting this picture up again because I love it so damn much and I really fits well with my day.

Three little words.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee!


Word count over 13,000! A day of celebration!

I'm really starting to get into my novel. It's consuming me! :D

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  1. Congrats again!
    And I must concur with the coffee sentiment! I'm currently drinking a mix of tea and coffee (because there wasn't enough coffee for a cup, and I'm just too darn addicted at this point to not have any coffee) and it's not bad at all! Yay for the caffiene fix :-)
    (In reply to your comment:) I'm trying to pass 50,000 words this year, because I want a full first draft so that the whole of December can be devoted to rewriting and editing etc.
    I'm think about 75,000 - 100,000 words; anything between there.
    Saying that, I'll be happy with 50,000 because... well... its just so many words! lol